The wiki of wikis

Wikis are for people to easily collaborate on the creation of content. Wikipedia, one of the most successful projects on the web, is a wiki.

This page is the master wiki for organising projects on the Open Media Network. Crucially it is a self-organising space. Each of the projects in the Open Media Network can have its own wiki, and can share the content with the entire network, or keep certain things private, as you wish.

Here is a step-by-step guide to using the wiki.

Please try to build the structure of the wiki as you go along.

Here's an example: Let's say people are talking about which mobile device to buy, and you want to talk about tablets - for that you should create a sub-page for tablets. But then someone else wants to talk about smartphones - that is not a sub-page off the tablets page, but a sub-page off the original mobile devices page.

So when you add content, think if you are writing it in the right place, and enjoy adding to the fund of knowledge which the wiki pages will be by making it really useful, like wikipedia.

If in any doubt, please contact the folks at

To do April 2012

Youtube rss feed into dormant premier account channel on miro (climatecamptv?) - youtube in and out to other channels (solve the death of blip. Possible to then turns ads on in blip?) - DONE but not working

Reply to James Falkner

More sign-ups for liferay meetup + set up a network, to meet before the meeting?

Work on handbook

Solve website outage - meeting proposed with relevant peeps at 9pm 2nd May

Develop ideas for website development - with timeline for implementation

Follow-up to make sure people come to May 7th hackathon

Discuss with Marc about funders - Esmee Fairbairn, Lush, etc

Try to get a mentor for OpenPLayer and open media network

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