The wiki of wikis

Wikis are for people to easily collaborate on the creation of content. Wikipedia, one of the most successful projects on the web, is a wiki.

This page is the master wiki for organising projects on the Open Media Network. Crucially it is a self-organising space. Each of the projects in the Open Media Network can have its own wiki, and can share the content with the entire network, or keep certain things private, as you wish.

Here is a step-by-step guide to using the wiki.

Please try to build the structure of the wiki as you go along.

Here's an example: Let's say people are talking about which mobile device to buy, and you want to talk about tablets - for that you should create a sub-page for tablets. But then someone else wants to talk about smartphones - that is not a sub-page off the tablets page, but a sub-page off the original mobile devices page.

So when you add content, think if you are writing it in the right place, and enjoy adding to the fund of knowledge which the wiki pages will be by making it really useful, like wikipedia.

If in any doubt, please contact the folks at


What is the OMN

What is ethical aggregation

Where is the conversation

Text to get involved

OMN ideas

Outlandish draft


OLD text

Were next: Meetings

Videos on liferay Sitestructure

Please add a Time frame

  • break apreat and movethe current visionontv site

- A new “static”friendly company site goes to .org

- the video portal goesto .tv and only has the channels and the embeds

- the training goes to????

- create a site foropen blogging network

- the production siteincludes the training

- projects is splitapart

.tv will become anarrow video portal with embedding

.org will be the“static/conservatively updated” friendly company site

  • Production gets a newsite – this is were the training and templates live
  • couldbe the OMN site. We need an open OMN site for the join a communityand directory part of the project probably a social office site. Thiswill link to all the OMN sites. –this needs text updating and some scripting for the publish option –needs text updating – but seams to work –the text has been updated needs some sample text.

  • Then the are thestreetreporter sites etc... we need a list of all the sites we arekeeping (and polish them) then need to archive the rest. This is tofacilitate easy understanding of the OMN “join a site” page.
  • By building all thiswe will create a long list of bugs and missingfeatures/customisations needed – this will become the todo.

Old list of sites

Springofcode– site is up the only person who is using it is R with someupdating from M

CORRECTION: R is running all our software projects through it, and for instance this week directed 6 new people from the London Java Community to it. Marc will need it for the next SoC meetup at least.

live.Rebelliousmediaconference – is currently down as the domain name point to our oldserver.

Visionontv– is up and activly being developed (lacks a designer and scripterto finish this) - the companey outreach site is up and running what needs adding to this?

streeteporter – is up and looks fine

london.streetreporter– is up but needs a refresh

merseadise.streetreporter– is up but is unused and needs a refocus and refresh

Bristal.streetreporter– is up but is not being used

froudcatsnews– is up but is not being used and is a static site – needs anideas re-fresh

climatecamptv– is down due to domain expire

hackney– is up but is not used and static, have updated it to run on tagsoff the grassroots channel.

Hackthremedia– is static and not used

Japan.streetreporters– is static and not used, needs a refresh and probably archiving

liferayusergroup– is strangely contested needs focus and a refresh on workflow.

Mediaorgical– is just a holding page with basic text

Omfund– is a holding page with basic info

openworlds– is up and functional, needs a workflow re-fresh and put to use. 

Blogs - active - semi active

Glenn McMahon - semi active

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