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12 month on the water

Tags: boat


Resent posts on failbook sparked me off to rethink about boater life and telling the real stories vier video. If we as boaters were to make 12 short films about the real life both showing the hardships and celebrating the culture. What would the subjects be? This project could be funded by a crowed funding campaign so its probably doable – we do need to show that we have a culture worth saving in the upcoming fight with CRT servicing the London property market.

So what 12 subjects represent the boater culture – half in celebration half in hardship. Each comment should be one episode as a short outline storyboard.

One film each month for a year, would need to raise £8K so that the would be budget of £500 for each video to up the production values + running costs. Think this is doable vie crowed funding.

The outcome would show boater life to have value and hardship, to make saving it a public issue and to slow the traditional media flow of fluff stories.

An example of a good film on the subject

Living Aboard London:

Budget\\ #

Would need to crowdfunded £8K

  • 12 x £500 for each video, this would be paid in two parts £250 on expedience of script and crew competency, then last £250 on the finished videos exceptions by the community screening.
  • 2x£250 reserve to cover failed video projects, to re-shoot them.
  • £500 to cover accounting, admin etc
  • £1000 to run the project, to cover the organizing of 12 community screenings to show each video for expedience. And to do the preparation of turning the12 shorts into a longer full length documentary. this would have tobe fund raise for next.

Long List of Topics to Cover\\ #

  • Waste disposal
  • Maintenance
  • Cruising
  • Legal issues
  • Crime
  • Parties
  • Helpful neighbours
  • Summer fun
  • Winter hardships

Short list of categories (episodes)\\ #

  • Cruising
  • Seasons
  • Work
  • Play
  • Community

DRAFT project time line (month - subject)\\ #

feel free to juggal and add to this

May - what the media says, what boater think.

Jun - boat life, moving the boat meeting the nabours

July - tolits and running out of water

Aug - a day in the life of a mancanic - the good, the bad and the uggly

Sep - boater party's and community life

... - my home sank, caught fire stories of disaster

... - prpering for winter, the soughted and the leeky

... -

Facebook discussion history\\ #

John Kenton, Nbta London, Zuza Admi Ralzu and 21 others like this. 1 share

Parsley Munta Elsan10 hrs · Like · 4Erin Leonidas Hopkins I'm really interested in this. I thought I would have made several films about life on the cut by now, but turns out I've been too busy with life on the cut to document it...

Graham Fletcher-Cook Moving and mooring. Heating. Water. Engine. Out of water maintenance. Working boats. Crime.

Ralph Kitts Should encompass everything including those who look after your services people like me just about to start my first job of the day in London keys left for me so there is the tust element IV been up since 5.30am and won't be in till about 8ish this evening as I get round my calls today in London dealing with a wide range of issues and general maintainace including hours of telephone advise

Jess Good Yes! Let's please involve everything - engineers, fuel boats - the people we rely on!

Ralph Kitts It would be good I had a chat last year with my local mp when I told him wit I did he was amazed that that is wot I did and the engineering skill in fabrication and build I know he just thought it was all about leasure I was rather passionate about the...See More

Julian Cooley Hmmm...

Stephen Jeebee One should feature the joy of seeing spring unfold outside your window after a long cold winter.

Mark Griffin Kennedy I have got a story or two to tellXxxx.

Jess Good We all have, Mark!

Mary Mesteller Charlotte Charlton

Jonny Yeah TOILETS!

Johnny Chrysostomou I'd prefers to keep it a mystery towards the public and ad more misinformation. Regarding CRT many voices of the different boaters and there points of view would be great . Then aim that missile at CRT

Luc Adrianus Folkert Van Helfteren That party after the inter squat football tournament last summer.

Rich Corbiere You could base some or a few in the seasons. Summer, Winter... How the experience shifts quite radically.

Rich Corbiere And I think, connecting to the thread I started last night, this needs to be part of a coordinated wider strategy to get us out there on our own terms.

Kate Saffin There are quite a lot of 'living on a boat' vids on You tube - varying levels of technical quality and gooeyness of content. Possibly worth a look (if someone's got the time) to identify the things we don't want them to be as well as things that work

Kate Saffin And do they (all) need to be documentary? Drama could tell some stories more subtley... although I do think there needs to be a strong thread/look to hold all 12 together.

Paul Powlesland After a hard winter of cold, dark long nights, and myriad 'technical difficulties' this morning I opened my eyes and straight after the hatch behind to look up to this and hear the sound of coots

Paul Powlesland 'So that's why I went through all that'

Michael Trew Are we really allowed to believe it could soon be spring?! ah the joy!

Ben Broomfield Maybe we start a Made In Chelsea/TOWIE "scripted reality" show. Bet Channel 4 would love that

Laurence Bugeon cruising!

Rich Corbiere Yes... The joy, and the pain (when everything fucks up) of the move!

Rich Tea 100 ways your home can sink

Rich Corbiere Could the thread that links it all be a boat move starting in the sticks and heading into town and out? And who you meet along the way?

Rich Corbiere Hmmm or I bet that's been done to death maybe

Luc Adrianus Folkert Van Helfteren BBQ season is nearly upon us!

Northern Tracey I'm with Johnny on this.

Edwård Hãmîłtøń Hārtÿ chores that eat into your spare time like blacking in dry dock, engine maintenance, resealing windows (for example) all which have a common theme in that they end up making you filthy but also make cheap beer taste great!

Joe Jameson Hamish Campbell I just messaged to you "other" inbox.

Hannah Daly Community. Casual chats on the towpath. BFFs after mooring abreast for a week or two. Keeping an eye out for each other.

Jonathan Trayner i am up for doing a film...

Preston Adams A episode on toilets. Another on heating. One on locks. One on it being glorious in summer. Another on being brutalised in the winter. One on canal and river trust licensing etc. Another on boaty businesses.
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real life meet up might be a good next step on this - i'm really busy till the 10th march but after that... jon t
Posted on 27/02/15 12:43.
We can start working on an episode structure, I suppose the first step is to write a long list of topics that we would like to cover, and then structure them in categories, for example:

Waste disposal
Legal issues
Helpful neighbours
Summer fun
Winter hardships
Posted on 27/02/15 13:15.