London Street Reporters Network is an independent group of citizen reporters who want to cover exciting news and events in London. You might be very experienced and needing some help, or a complete beginner wanting to get involved in news reporting. Here's a great chance to buddy up and do something real.


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TUC Mass demo 20 Oct - the full story

We will be covering the mass demo and, most importantly, everything around it here.

Hashtags for the event are currently #oct20 and #o20

We will be tweeting from #visionontv and #londonsrn

Be an official Olympics citizen reporter!

Report on The Greatest Show On Earth!

In the summer of 2012 the eyes of the world will be on London as the best gather from around the globe. The Olympics, Para Olympics and Cultural Olympiad have set the stage for a spectacular showcase. There are already missiles on peoples' roofs, and an aircraft carrier in the Thames. Around 50,000 security personnel will be on duty in the Olympic boroughs, including 13,500 from the British army, more than in Afghanistan. With ASBOs for "undesirable" residents, harassment of journalists by private security, and new powers against civil liberties afforded by the London Olympics Act 2006, you don't want to miss your chance to say "I was part of the greatest show on earth".

As the official citizen reporters of London 2012, the London Street Reporters Network gives you the opportunity to hone your skills and meet the reporting challenges. Taking place in venues across London, the official protest of the games is starting, and you can sign up to cover it. You can make a start by creating an account with London Street Reporters.

Join the Citizen Reporters Olympics!
Go for Gold - events include:

100 metres run from the police (knock-out competition)

Best illegal T-shirt

Synchronised kettling

"You're not invited 2012" - find the most undesirable Olympics citizen

Come on down to the Citizen Reporters'Village and create a lasting memory of London and the Games!

Be wary of bogus sites claiming to give you unbiased reporting of the Games. Ensure you only register with our authorized website. And watch the official Olympics video channel.

(Thanks to Space Hijackers)

'what do human rights mean to you', or simply review some of the films and activities taking place during the week of the festival

visionOntv will be kicking off this year's Roehampton Human Rights film festival with a workshop to help you to make short news reports and and upload them to the web using just a mobile phone. The workshop is free and open to everyone, and will take place at the University of Roehampton in Duchesne 103 between 4pm and 6pm on Monday December 5th.

There will also be a related competition as part of the festival for the best news reports we receive that either answer the question 'what do human rights mean to you', or simply review some of the films and activities taking place during the week of the festival itself. If you want to enter the competition, simply post your entry to the Headmix channel here on VisionOntv

The film festival itself has been put together by Roehampton students but everyone is welcome to attend any of the screenings, all of which are free. We hope to see you there and look forward to seeing your news reports! Please reply here if you have any questions, or email me at

Anti-kettling: the Sukey team in action

Here is a video of the Sukey team during the Student tuition fee protest. The team is hard at work to update the protesters on where to go to stay safe. Coming soon a recent screencap of a Sukey map, a description of their process and interviews with team members.

J30 videos

Street reporters from London and Merseyside were covering the strike on Thursday! Check out the Liverpool videos here and the London ones here

You'll find the London studio show here and also some pictures.

Video of protester arrested for putting an antiCuts banner on top of a lamp-post

Interview of Marie (and puppets) from 38 Degrees

New citizen journalist group!

Announcing the creation of the Merseyside Street reporters Network! The participants of our Making News Roadshow in Liverpool are now organising their own group of street reporters. Check out their new website!

New video: Craftivists action


We need members to take vids, pics, interviews of a couple of actions this weekend! Check the events box on the left hand side or on our calendar! Let us know if you plan to go and need some help.

Also have a look at our last videos on the Craftivists action and the Right to Protest meeting below

Fair Fares now Demo

Video of Fair Fares Now and Craftivist Collective: 

Hammond target by Fair Fares Now campaigners

Video of the Defend the Right to Protest meeting on may 5th


Want to participate? Join the crew of citizen journalists, even for one day, even if you're a total beginner.

Register or contact us.

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