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Smartphone video uploads

This will be brief because what it says is all pretty simple.

The video below was shot by Tanya O'Carroll in late February as part of a training session in the visionOntv smartphone templates. It features Hamish Campbell interviewing Matt of the London Hackspace talking about his "top secret" coding project. The content wasn't really the point.

Having shot the video using the VOTV01.5 template - which is the next step up from this one - the file was bluetoothed across to my laptop for upload to oneload.com. The beauty of that approach is that you can file to several sites at once, youtube, blip.tv and so on, which can be a good thing for audience reach and also when the content might be something that other people may try to take down.

Once logged in with the visionontv username and password (ask the usual suspects for that one) it is pretty straightforward to upload the video, feed in the relevant tags to make the video searchable and to add a description of the contents.

Once done, I switiched to the visionontv google account where I checked the video, switched it to a Creative Commons licence and made it public.

The result is what you see below. If I can do it, anyone can.


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