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Merseyside Street Reporters reaches 500 films!

All the best videos from Merseyside Street Reporters Network

More UK grassroots news. Embed the MSRN player.

Merseyside Street Reporters channel reaches 500 films!

At the time that Merseyside Street Reporters Network began in June 2011 we talked about doing a follow-up training. How about sometime soon?

Report from 3rd meeting of the Merseyside Street Reporters Network

Our 3rd Meeting took place 8 August 2011 @ FACT and later at Studio 2 Parr Street.

Greg, Nial,Mark and Celia were present

Marc and Richard attended via skype link.


The notes from last meeting were reviewed.


It was agreed that:


We would continue to look at arranging an editting "masterclass"

Greg will work on this and advise arrngements

Nial and Mark agreed to deliver this training/support


We will continue to post up events of potential interest to Network and encouage all members to do likewise

Currently looking at 

Bold Street (Greg)

Four Streets Market and campaign (Greg)

Academys (Nial/Celia)

Asylum Link (Nial)

CND/Greenpeace (Nial/Mark)


Greg will establish contact with NUJ rep and try and arrange their attendance at a future meeting


Greg will continue to provisionally arrange promotion/awareness session with public workshop in partnership with other groups and keep Network advised

Celia Mark and Nial provisionally agreed to help with this subject to time date etc


It was agreed that common sense would apply to membership/posts/videos in terms of moderation until a full discussion about "governance" takes place


It was agreed that all present would encourage new members to come forward and existing members to become active if not already

This will include encouraging reporters to post on MSRN site/include MSRN tag on videos


Mark will set up a new Facebook account for internal communications

Mark will also set up events listing


An e mail list will be assembled and maintained

Greg will look at organising and recruitment initiatives beyond this and report back with proposals to future meetings

Nial will be looking at engaging students with a view to recruiting to Network/ raising awareness of MSRN


Marc will look at some tech issues with embeds to wordpress blogs and hopefully be able to provide a walk thru guide


Use of the MSRN/vsionon  site/pages will be subject of a future "masterclass" (once one of us masters it ;))


Subject to date of editting workshop Greg will propose and organise the next meeting in approx 4 weeks time

We propose using Studio 2 Parr Street as a venue, any suggestions welcome if anyone feels they have a more suitable venue

Mondays appear ok for some if not al and on this basis we will aim for a Monday unless someone has an alternative proposal for consideration.


Next meeting date will be communicated will details of editting session.

Announcing the 3rd meeting of Merseyside Street Reporters Network

This Monday 8 August we're meeting at FACT

88 Wood Street - L1 4DQ  at 6.30pm

Bring you laptops and all equipment you need. We'll review recent videos (with Skype feedback from visionOntv) and discuss future projects and events coverage. Join us and have a chat about DIY Media, beginners welcome!

Let's embed the MSRN player in websites and blogs

Anyone with a Merseyside-based website or blog can embed the video player. Then they get the latest featured films from MSRN automatically (as long as the films are tagged merseyside).

Basically the large player is for a specific static page on a site, and the smaller one is for the sidebar of eg a blog, where if it went in the central column it would soon disappear off the bottom.  

Let's get some views!

Notes from 2nd Street Reporters Network Meeting

Notes from Street Reporters Network meeting:

1. Decided to have an 'editing session'. Need to find a date/location. Idea is a practice editing session with Mark on hand to help people struggling. 
2. Need to get hold of passcode for Animoto from
3. Virtual business cards? Marks idea. Greg - suggests we get our details into community centres about who we are - encourage them to bring dates/events/stories to us. 
4. Greg wants to do an Animoto workshop in Birkenhead market sometime this summer - asked for volunteers. Celia agreed to help if Greg arranged it. 
5. We watched some of the videos - and commented on some of them :).
6. Briefly discussed - Sara feels uncomfortable filming stuff close to home. - agreed to pass on these to others. But does need discussing more. 
7. Nial suggested a google map - of where we live so we know who to refer stories/events to (where closer). 
8. Talked over Twitter - and encouraged others to use it. 
9. Greg agreed to take on some organisational role.
Technology issues:
1. Mark helped Greg with a youtube app on his blackberry. 
2. Mark gave AP software to Sara
3. mark tried to re-arrange our website for us - however it proved far too difficult. 
4. Nial - Sara helped him to sign-in again and use the forum. 
List of events to cover:
1. Bold St Festival - particularly pavement art festival.  (and featuring some of the shops on the street ...)
2. Liverpool Pride
3. Museum min wage protest (Tues 19th)
4. Cairns St - ongoing - Greg going to cover. 
5. Liverpool Against The Cuts - leafleting session - end of July
6. Slavery Awareness Event -  wed 27th?
7. Bloody Sunday event
8. March on border agency - asylum seekers, 29th
9. Liverpool Dirt website - look for more events. Liverpool confidential too. 

2nd meeting of Street Reporters Network 17th July!

Film screening and social event

Announcing our 2nd meeting at the Caledonia this Sunday at 6.30pm!

22 Caledonia Street, L7 7DX - From 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Bring yours films, laptops and all equipment you need help or training with. We'll review the recent films made and discuss your new projects! Invite your friends and advertise this meeting so we get more reporters involved!

Some suggestions for the new members:
- Sign up on this site so you can access all the infos and organisation tools
- Add the specific youtube merseysideSRN email address on you phone so you can upload a video from the streets (see FAQ attached in recent email or email us)
- List the events you want to see covered in your community, publish them on the forum and add them to the calendar on the site.

- Install Adobe Premiere on your laptop (easier if you all deal with the same software)

- If you need help with your video equipment bring it to the meeting

Happy Birthday NHS - 4 interviews by Sara

 'Happy Birthday NHS' demo at The Royal Liverpool Hospital.

Here is the 1st video filmed by Sara, watch all of them on the MSRN channel. 

#J30 in Liverpool - Largest strike in decades


Yesterday was the largest strike that we have seen in decades. Teachers and civil servants from PCS, NUT and ATL organised pickets in the morning before a massive demonstration of 4000 in Liverpool which closed the city for an hour - from St Georges Hall and ending at the China Town Bridge. 

In Bootle alone, courts, schools, job centre's, the local FE college, inland revenue offices and more were shut. Merseyside and the North West rely on public sector jobs - a huge percentage of the workforce took part in the walkout over defending basic pensions.
Merseyside Street Reporters Network were out covering the day - I followed workers of PAYE in Bootle at the march and outside their final picket of the day at 4pm for the evening shift.
The flavour, variety and scale of the day was picked up by our reporters (watch the videos here)- showing the different types of people out, the jovality and the hard work and dedication that is running a picket. Corporate media just skim the surface and aren't interested.
Photo by Phil Dickens

First Meeting of the Merseyside Street Reporters Network


The 1st meeting took place Monday 28th June at the Leaf

To organise this group better we need input from every members and we hope to get that here and on the forum.

We talked over the templates with new member Chris who couldn't make the workshop. Signed him up to the website.

Talked over individual projects - particularly Chris' and how we could help.

Talked over basic equipment issues and suggestions. i.e. my recent purchase recommended by Hamish.

Agreed we would share around the editing software Adobe Premiere. Mark is trying to put it in a Drop Box for us so we can access it via the internet rather than needing to meet up with him individually.

Talked over 30th June - strike day. Agreed we needed more information of what was happening - and to go away and collate information. Each of us would try and cover what we could and pool it together. And encourage others. Basic interviews, shots of what is going on generally etc.

More info on the strike coverage here

Decided to organise a Film Screening of the footage we get - and anything else people have done - in roughly two weeks - on a date to be confirmed by those not there as to the best time and location. I have sourced a calender app that helps find the dates we are all free.

You can add your comments on the forum


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