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RE: Introduction thread for members

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Introduction thread for members
21/06/11 17:31
Introduce yourself to the community!

Please tell us about yourself (skills, equipment, video projects), if you want to get involved in other members' projects or need help!

RE: Introduction thread for members
citizen journalist merseyside street reporters new nobody
21/06/11 18:26 as a reply to marc barto.
Hi , I am Greg (nobody) Vogiatzis (don't be scared its pronounced Voyages like across the sea, its a Greek name like my Dad lol)
I am new to Citizen Journalism and I am keen to work and learn with others.
I currently use a small Kodak zm1 handheld video cam (looks like a phone) which has been producing ok footage considering that it was only £20 in Currys.
Love music, hate racism so expect to see reports from gigs and UAF(and other) demos
I am currently long term sick from my day job as a Trades Union organiser so have interest (and some good contacts) across theNorth west and midlands in retail, distribution and manufacturing.
I live in Birkenhead Wirral and have a car so can cover any stories that arise on both sides of river if needed
Looking forward to making news, together
Solidarity Brings Strength
Apathy Smothers Revolution

RE: Introduction thread for members
academies justice
22/06/11 00:06 as a reply to Greg Vogiatzis.
Hi, I'm Celia

I bumped into VisionOn TV in London before a student demo in January - and asked them to come to Liverpool I was that impressed emoticon.

I don't have much equipment at the moment. I have a dodgy mobile phone - but want to buy a video camera now that I have got a job again (as a part-time waitress in Formby). So any recommendations would be good. I can probably spend up to £60ish.

Responsible journalism is what I am interested in - that and telling the stories that don't otherwise get told. There are so many interesting things out there - and amazing people who would otherwise have no chance at a voice in the main stream media.

I'm involved in loads of anti-cuts stuff in sefton and liverpool - so that would be my focus for filming at the moment. Particularly academies in Sefton. Shorefields has got quite a bit of coverage (as they've had strikes mainly) - and we've worked on building up the sefton presence - but it needs more. And we only have a month to go before they convert (less for some of the 7 schools).

I will work on any project really, mainly if it is about social justice issues. So ask me for help if you'd like. And vice versa - I'm probably going to need help with the acadmy stuff - it's a huge topic and lots going on and differettypes of people to interview.

Anyway, looking forward to a mersey network being started.

RE: Introduction thread for members
23/06/11 01:07 as a reply to Celia Watson.

Do you know about the anti academies alliance? I was co-running the PSC stall at the NUT conference last year and met them there. They're very good and have lots of good info on their site Anti Academies Alliance


RE: Introduction thread for members
28/06/11 01:30 as a reply to Leila Davey.
yes, been in touch with them a fair bit emoticon. they are good.

RE: Introduction thread for members
28/06/11 01:37 as a reply to marc barto.
Hi, I'm Helen Sheridan, I'm a PCS rep based around the north end of the city. I'm new to citizen media, but keen to get involved. I don't have a camera worth talking about at the moment, so I pretty much use my phone for everything. I have an HTC wildfire.

RE: Introduction thread for members
29/06/11 19:39 as a reply to marc barto.
Hi, I'm Sara. I have a smart phone that constantly makes me feel stupid and a crappy digital stills camera and the boyf's smart digital microphone, still untested on the street let alone put to use with some pictures. Hoping to get something of tomorrows strike that represents the mood and message of the participants.

Wishing us all luck and a bit of 'right place, right time'. See you on the other side with memory cards chock full of news! xxx