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This is a space to talk about the projects we are doing.

Current projects\\ #

Resistance Archive

Media Response Unit / Better Media Fund meeting

Media Response Unit

London boaters storie 12 month on the water

Dalston aggregator site

Liferay meetup


Lincoln University

Documentary Now has turned into a purely academic event of smaller scale. Our proposal sent to Open City Festival.

ORGCon 2012

NUJ Membership

Tech development #


html5 mediaplayer

Comms Data Bill

Open Media Network user stories


Archived projects#


Ideas for projects#


The walking template - for video journalisam 

New publishing paradime 

10 years of server campaign

Transition London media training

YouTube strategy

Joining tribes together

Internal (server) projects#


Upgrade server from 6.0.x to 6.1.0