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Notes on Arts Council proposal

NOTE: Application can only be made with an Applicant Profile - which we should receive by Friday 21 October.

We will need to send the governing document - memo and articles of association of visionOntv Ltd, assuming that's the account we're using.

National Activities

We can also fund activities that weclassify as National Activities. These are activities that have a national impact or national significance. We classify an application as a National Activity when it is for over £15,000 and is

- a national touring project where the same public-facing activity is presented in two or more Arts Council England areas. If the applicant is based in one of these areas, then at least 25% of public-facing activity must be taking place in another area


- an activity that is of ‘national significance’, which means they must meet at least one of the requirements listed below

i. An activity that significantly develops an artform or a sector

ii. An activity that engages, stimulates and influences audiences outside your area.

Examples include activity that:

- is of the highest quality and relevant throughout England

- shows creativity that can significantly influence the arts in England well beyond the artist’s own work

- demonstrates an appropriate and effective way of involving as many people as possible throughout England. In the case of festivals, carnivals and so on, we would expect to see evidence that the activity was measurably increasing the involvement of people outside of the Area.

Applying for more than one type of activity

Your application can cover more than one type of activity. For example, you could apply for touring costs and professional development work in one application. We can advise you on how to do this and whether this is appropriate for you.

  • we cannot support touring activity where more than 15% of performance or event days take place outside England
  • we normally require a minimum of 10 per cent funding from sources other than the Arts Council. In exceptional circumstances we may be able to provide up to 100 per cent of the cost of the activity. If you are asking us for more than 90 per cent of the total cost of your activity, you must tell us why you have been unable to secure any other funding. Using the information you give us we will decide whether we can accept your application. If we cannot, it will not be eligible and we will not be able to process it.