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Media Response Unit

Meeting of media people (Jenny, Ishmael, Pat, Josef, Heikoo, Phoenix, Richard)

1. Media Response Unit (Pat Byrne) - aim to collate radical media. Mobilising the liberal media. Expanding into creating the TV, radio etc  Challenge the bias, extend and enhance the alternative voices.

Josef on Media Reform proposals before last election - very moderate no owner should have more than 15% of each part of the media.

Richard Barbrook - author of "The Californian Ideology" professor of politics at Westminster - "Cyber-Salon". Digital Liberties Project - 8 points for

Digital Democracy Manifesto of Labour leadership.

Groups to work with / network with? (Phoenix)

World Transform - 3 media workshops inc Red Pepper / Novara and the Morning Star.

1000 club (Heikoo) - each with a 1000 people following - (Phoenix) - always gets 20 key networkers on it

"Donate your account", similar to Thunderclap - not functioning any more, but the code is on github

"A media fit for Britain" (Josef) - idea of machine for MSM corrections to amplify them everywhere

Better Media Fund (Josef)

Phoenix suggested livestreaming of every meeting

Richard suggested the beginning of every meeting should have a call out for EVERYONE to Snapchat / Instagram / facebook / youtube / twitter something about the meeting before they leave. And have a pause for this to be done!

(Heikoo) as a Resonance radio show, whic can be used.

Suggests using Meetup, Nation builder

Provide people with the ammunition - 7 things: tweet, link etc

Make it easy (Phoenix)

"Don't go home at the end of the demo" (Nuit Debout)

Positive News

Better Media Fund - Real Media already doing a 10 city tour in the autumn (dates already available).

Next meeting: Thursday 29th September 2016 1pm