Open Rights Group

As society goes digital we wish to preserve its openness. We want a society built on laws, free from disproportionate, unaccountable surveillance and censorship. We want a society in which information flows more freely. We want a state that is transparent and accountable, where the public's rights are acknowledged and upheld.

We want a world where we each control the data our digital lives create, deciding who can use it and how. We want the public to fully understand their digital rights, and be equipped to be creative and free individuals. We stand for fit-for-purpose digital copyright regimes that promote free expression and diverse participation in culture.

We believe people have the right to control their technology, and oppose the use of technology to control people.

Scrambling for Safety 2016

This meeting at Kings College on January 7 at 1pm brought together parliamentarians, policy makers, NGOs, academics, industry, technical experts and more to discuss the UK's draft Investigatory Powers Bill.

It was livestreamed here (best listened to with external speakers or good headphones).