Here is a selection of visionOntv channels covering different topics, places and people: basically, anything which might help make social change.

These channels are aggregated, showing new content by a range of quality producers and citizen journalists from around the world. You can embed any of these channels in your website or blog. They will update automatically as we add new films.

We could easily create another 100 channels from the films available. Feel free to suggest a stream of content not already covered - tweet to @visionontv, or write to us at info (AT) visionon (DOT) tv,. If you'll embed it, we'll create it. It's a really cool way for the distribution of quality independent films to grow.

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The Bolivarian Revolution's "Socialism of the 21st Century" has been heavily attacked by the world's corporate media. Find out the truth about a country in the process of progressive social change. Embed a player in your site or blog.