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Linking is currently a real failure in radical media sites

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I can find almost no left-wing/progressive/radical websites that link to each other on the front page above the fold. When the value of the grassroots network is in the links between it, this is a HUGE problem for the attempt to build a more horizontal radical alternative to corporate media empires.

Why do we have this very visible complete failure of solidarity?

How can we fix it?
- Polity send requests behind the scenes
- Name and shame?
- Public boycotts of sites

We need more ideas for building trust networks.

Some back ground reading

The fold

The power of the link

RE: Linking is currently a real failure in radical media sites
26/01/11 21:00 as a reply to Hamish Campbell.
Did a search for "political blogs"

Top link page one:

http://order-order.com/ Is guidofawkes, a right-wing blog that prominently and perfectly links to external websites above the fold. This is well designed - and probably partly why it's number one blog on a simple UK websearch for "political blog" About 1,820 results

Then you have to go to page 5 of google search results to get past the "lists"

http://iaindale.blogspot.com/ is a conservative blog that again does exactly what I am recommending - it links to external stories above the fold.
About 2,330 results

http://liberalconspiracy.org/ is a progressive blog that again does link to other sources, though only just above the fold.
About 1,430 results

This was the first time I have seen these blogs and it is reassuring that the most successfully political blogs link to outside sources.
In the next post I look at some of the prominent left political blogs to see how well they do.

RE: Linking is currently a real failure in radical media sites
26/01/11 21:08 as a reply to Hamish Campbell.
Lets look at some radical blogs

http://politicaldynamite.com/ a spin off from climatecamp?

They have no links to external sites above the fold, a twitter box give's a single latest update (not shore if search or there account?) they have a blog list after the fold. The are about 88 results that link to the site according to goggle.

http://brightgreenscotland.org/ is billed as the biggest green blog in Scotland

The have no links to external sites above the fold, the is a link list after the fold. The are about 224 results that link to the site according to goggle.

http://thethirdestate.net/ seams to be a general political blog?

There are no links to external sites above the fold, under the fold the is what looks like an aggregater called the buzz not shore if this is human moderated? it links to external storeys. It has about 142 links according to google

Lets finish off by looking at one of the granddaddy's of radical media http://www.schnews.org.uk

They don’t have any links to external sites above the fold. The nearest thing they have to external links is a calender after the fold. According to goggle about 521 link results.

This limited survey illustrates how the right-wing and mainstream are prominently and effectively linking to each other and all benefiting from it were the progressive/left are not. This is fascinating as the ideology of the right is selfishness and individualism and the left is supposedly co-operation. It would be hilarious if it didn’t make me won't to cry.

We should widen this very unscientific survey, please add your thoughts and some links of sites to look at to add to this discussion.

RE: Linking is currently a real failure in radical media sites
12/08/11 16:09 as a reply to Hamish Campbell.
http://www.counterfire.org/ is a progressive blog, it has no links to other radical media sites anywhere on its front page. Everything is a link back to there sight this is clearly a problem. It has about 176 results linking to it.

OK znet http://www.zcommunications.org/znet Richard loves them so do they link to anybody but them selves on the front page. Sadly not a single external link on there front page and no links to other radical media projects. This is clearly a sad failing of "mutual aid" am shore the are some essays on this subject inside the portal. On a postative note when they aggregated mainstream news storeys on internal pages these prominently link back to the sources, on the surfaces this is a good thing. BUT the currency of the web is the link so they are spending there link dollars propping up the mainstream they criticise... sad and bad.

Am starting to doubt these googal link URL's as About 272 results is what it says. maybe this is a new URL and the links are to an older one that possibly re-directs? OK after looking at DN! it is clear they have changed there page names with out thinking about this. Bad and sad...

Lets look at a prominent US news site http://www.democracynow.org/
NO LINKS TO ANY SITE BUT THERE'S not a single link to a story or project that isn't them on there front page. Now this is more like it for goggle links about 245,000 results well done DN! we need more like this but sadly this is a one way linking traffic.

Both sites highlight the issues of 20th century silo thinking that is holding back the building of a 21st century alternative to ailing traditional media outlets. It seams to me that linking is a useful issue to address to move radical projects froward.

Making linking work for radical web projects
23/02/12 13:27 as a reply to Hamish Campbell.
To update this initial survey: We have started a project to allow sites to easily link to current projects http://openworlds.info This is a open cooperative run database of lefty/radical projects.

We have been testing it on our front page on visionontv for the last 5 month - works fine. Maybe it is time to roll this out to other sites.