Publish a video and get it seen

You can publish a video that is already on the web to any of visionOntv's channels.

  • Choose and click the appropriate channel below, and submit your video.

  • Post the video's url from youtube, vimeo, blip or any site were you have the URL of the video such as indymedia. With youtube, make sure it's the video's url, not the channel's, and you need to post the bit before "&feature...."

  • Let us know at info(AT) or twitter: @visionontv, so we can moderate it through. Your video will then be published to that channel and to twitter, facebook and external partner websites.

  • Even better, become a channel moderator yourself! Post on the wiki or send us an email or a tweet.

If you want a visionOntv channel on your webpage or blog:

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