Channels guide

Main channels

visionOntv's 5 main channels are aggregators, which automatically post trusted feeds of quality films from around the world. We manually promote other good films as well.  This means there are interesting new films to watch every day.

Anyone can submit a video to one of these channels. [DETAILS] It could be your own film, or someone else's. Remember to send us an email to info (AT) visionon (DOT) tv so we can review it and moderate it through. If you want to join the moderating team for any channel, send us an email.

Inside each channel there is a menu tab with the channel name on the far right. Here you will find useful  resources:

Crew - tells you who is a member of the channel community. You can join the community here, to be kept up-to-date and help organise the channel.

Forum - start a discussion about anything which interests you on the channel.

Read the News - digest all the latest text news from selected reliable sources.

Publish - post your own video or text news, and have it syndicated to twitter, facebook and visionOntv's embeds on sites around the world.

Download - get copies of films for screenings and showing to people or in places without web access.

Resources - all the resources for that channel (logos, music for films, etc)

Channels for embedding

More channels adds a large number of channels covering different topics, places and people. You can easily embed any visionOntv channels in your website or blog here. They will update automatically as new films come online.

Feel free to suggest a stream of content not already covered - write to us at info (AT) visionon (DOT) tv, and you can embed and curate your own channel. If you'll embed it, we'll create it. It's a really cool way for distribution of quality independent films to grow.